Hello, I'm Matt. I built my first website over 20 years ago and I’ve been coding things ever since! I'm currently an engineering manager at Which? and this is my blog about (mainly front-end) web development.

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Node has always shipped with enough features to create basic web services but until recently it's standard library has been fairly bare bones. Thankfully, Node has started to include functionality for some of the most repeated use cases and features from the Web platform have started appearing too.

My heatmap was not very good because the shops and restaurants I'd plotted were a proxy for a population map rather than highlighting outstandingly fancy places so I learned how to read the British National Grid.

How does FT.com serve 40 million page views a month? With help from an old, imperfect and somewhat inefficient solution.

We wanted our collection of microservices to share and reuse the JavaScript assets they each compile. How hard could that be?!

A project at the start of my career came with very little chance of success.

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