I'm Matt Hinchliffe, a senior engineer at the Financial Times, and this is my blog about (mainly front-end) web development.

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Earlier this year I spent a few weeks researching, testing and re-building the search functionality for FT.com. This is general guide for non-experts trying to gain some understanding of full-text search.

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The aim of CSS was to separate content and style but our layouts are as tied to our markup as ever. Grid layout has the chance to deliver a huge shift in the way we rationalise layout systems for the web and drastically reduce the complexity of the markup and styles currently required.

Use of the icon font is in decline. Recently it’s been argued that there are many good reasons to think about not using them and switch to using SVG images instead. At the Financial Times we must provision proper fallbacks for much of the 4% of browsers that don't support SVG. As it turns out, that's hard.

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