Personal Projects

The 14th most popular jQuery plugin of all time (apparently) used by over half a million websites - including those from Arcadia Group, Gillette, GitLab, iFixit, Manchester City, Patagonia, Sports Direct plc, and more - and its been bundled with hundreds of templates for Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce. Despite its age the project continues to see widespread usage across the web.

A four part series introducing a novel new framework called React which can be used to create adaptive-hybrid or isomorphic web applications which can avoid the fragility of JS only websites. The series received hundreds of thousands of views and the articles were even translated into other languages.

Beer Near You was a Ruby on Rails application to help users find decent beers across London. It used data from Foursquare (before they pivoted), London Datastore and Nominatim to create a database capable of identifying your closest bar and the app could even display a compass to point you in the right direction.

This React component started as a fork to improve accessibility but turned into a fully fledged project of it's own and has since been included in several UI frameworks and CMS tools. Peaking at 45,000 downloads a week and receiving contributions from GoDaddy, Mozilla, and Zillow the component remains popular and in active development.

What happens when you love JSX but don't want or need to use a complex UI framework? I built Hyperons to be the fastest JSX template renderer whilst still supporting all of the composition and static rendering features you'd expect. It remains the fastest JSX renderer.

This was a Ruby on Rails application I created for a friend's wedding to collect guest's RSVPs and contact details. It utilised Twilio and SendGrid to enable passwordless logins, confirmation messages, and contact with the bride and groom.

After reading about middle class city dwellers moving away from the pandemic ridden streets in search of the good life I scraped and combined location data for a dozen middle class haunts and adjusted for population density to map out their potential destinations using a Mapbox powered visualisation.